Why I love photographing newborns

November 16, 2017

Well there is a number of reasons that being a newborn photographer is so special.

You get to have precious cuddles with beautiful newborns which are normally only reserved for close relatives, I witness the extraordinary love and bond that new family’s have towards this new member of the family and most importantly I get to capture moments in time that can be passed down through the generations and treasured for a lifetime.

I feel so honoured to be able to be invited into peoples homes at such an intimate time in there lives and be able to provide some light relief from the relentless nappy changes and night feeds, often my mums say that it is the first time they have done there hair, makeup and got out of there comfy clothes since having their newborns and it feels great to be able to provide a fun few hours while capturing some wonderful memories.

Those early newborn days pass by in a blur of night feeds and sleep deprivation and its only when you look back that you realise you missed that precious family photo. Often as mums we are the ones behind the camera taking photos of our babies, our babies with their daddy and everyone else, but very rarely do we get photos of ourselves with our babies other than the odd selfie. When I had my first daughter I only now realise that I don’t have any photos of the both of us until she was three weeks old other than a dodgy one when she was a few minutes old which believe me is not wall worthy.

So to be able to provide families with some beautiful pieces of fine art that can take pride of place in there home really is the best job and I don’t think I will every tire of it.

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