Preparing for Your Newborn Shoot

February 13, 2018

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Preparing for Your Newborn Shoot

I get a lot of questions about Preparing for Your Newborn Shoot. Some parents can feel anxious about inviting a stranger into their home in the early days of having a precious newborn. Below I have listed some tips and generally how a newborn shoot runs and Preparing for Your Newborn Shoot.


When to book my shoot?

Newborn shoots can be booked anytime during your pregnancy but I suggest you wait until after your 20 week scan when you have a better idea of due dates. If you would like pictures of baby while they are small and curled up I suggest you have your shoot take place within the first two weeks of life. Generally this is when they sleep the most and don’t mind being moved into different positions.

Should you book after this time we can still capture beautiful family moments, but baby will be a bit more stretched out and alert.


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Newborn shoots generally take place in your home. I feel this is where you are most comfortable and have all your belongings. I take lifestyle pictures of you and your baby around your home with the main rooms being the living room, the nursery (if you have one) and your bedroom. If you have white bedding this is preferable but if not don’t worry I bring a selection of blankets and throws.


What to dress in?

I say to all my clients number one make sure you are comfortable, especially mothers that maybe still recovering from labour. However bear in mind that these photos are probably going to take pride of place in your home, so consider how you would like to look in them. Try to avoid patterns and logos and instead opt for muted tones.

In terms of baby’s clothes, if you have a preferred outfit that’s fine, but generally I find the photos my clients like the most are in a simple white vest or just a nappy so we can capture that perfect newborn skin. Please make sure your home is warm while we are undressing baby.


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How long will my shoot last?

I don’t work to a strict timeframe and instead like to work around you feeding and settling your baby. If baby is happy and settled we can be all done in 2hrs but alternatively some may take up to 4hrs. I don’t like parents to feel stressed or anxious about trying to ‘get the shot’ and instead like to capture natural family moments of your babies early life. I want our shoot to be enjoyable where we chat, have tea and enjoy a lovely afternoon capturing memories.


Can I have other family members present?

I ask where possible to have just immediate family (mum, dad, brothers, sisters) present at the shoot. In my experience having extended family or friends around can make for a pretty hectic and uncomfortable afternoon, with mum often feeling very stressed and overwhelmed.


Hope you have found this post on Preparing for Your Newborn Shoot helpful.


Please contact me for any other information regarding your shoot and I look forward to capturing your family memories.


Hannah xxx


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